The WWE actually did something that is very hard to do, they surprised me. They did this by turning Eve heel by having her reveal that she was using Ryder to get what she wanted out of him. She was getting ready to use Cena but he discovered her lying ways and proceeded to make fun of her in front of the WWE audience. Eve would show her true colors and end up in tears and being escorted out of the ring. That brings us to our current position. Where does the WWE take this next?

The first obvious thing they could do is have Eve continue to try and sway Cena into believing there is more to her than he thinks. But with The Rock returning on Monday, I bet Eve will make an appearance and try to sway his interest in her. Again, I don't think this will work for her either but I expect to see this happen.

What I think Eve will eventually end up doing is being the valet for some heel superstar. Someone like Curt Hawkins, Drew McIntyre or, dare I say it, Chris Jericho. The WWE could make it seem like Eve was the girl in the Jericho videos and she told Jericho to come back and take down CM Punk. Again, this is just an idea.

The WWE has many things they could do with this new gimmick. But the one thing I hope they do not do is simply let Eve wrestle in the Divas division as a heel without furthering this somehow.